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Trading For Michael Vick

Posted on: March 3, 2010 8:40 am
I've seen recent headlines about the Eagles keeping Vick under contract with the goal of trading him.  Some people out there think teams will be lined up for the opportunity to land him.  My thoughts?...Why would anyone want to trade for Vick?  Did his prison term and time holding a clipboard for the Eagles improve his ability to read a defense?  Did it make him a more accurate passer?  His biggest successes before his collapse came via his ability to run.  Once teams caught on, he was falling out of favor in Atlanta.  Remember the quandry the Falcons faced when they had to decide between him and Schaub?  His running ability is only going to continue to decline as he ages.  Personally, I wouldn't want him due to his Ron Mexico/dog killer history...BUT that's not even what I'm getting at here.  I wouldn't want him as a football player either. 

If I'm the Rams, and Sam Bradford gets a clean bill of health or Jimmy Clausen wows at his pro day, I go with one of them.  I can see Crazy Al Davis wanting him, because nothing he does seems to make any sense.  I could even see the Bills wanting him due to the unfortunate fact that they seem to be becoming the Kansas City Royals of the NFL.  It isn't about the proud history of Marv Levy and company anymore.  It always seems to be about them being a small market and place with lousy weather when you hear about available coaches turning them down.  The Bills might want to go get him to grab some headlines.  (I have a feeling they'll be the Toronto Bills before the decade ends)

I think he'll suck wherever he goes.  He's only 6'0" tall.  He isn't very accurate.  With all of the decisions he's made in his life, who out there is going to say he's intelligent?  And as I stated above, the 65 yard runs and somersaults into the endzone are going to diminish as he ages as well. 

No thanks.

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Posted on: March 12, 2010 1:38 am

Trading For Michael Vick

 Michael Vick is no longer an asset.  There are PETA groups that will always be at his games with pickets signs.  What ever potenetial remains, his fan base has been battered.  I wrote a blog about him: 'Michael Vick at the Pearly Gates.'  Read it and you'll see how I feel about him, and how he feels about himself and his past activities.

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